In-Tune With Bob Nagle

Bob Nagle is in his 38th year of broadcasting Notre Dame Sports, and over the years, has been the radio voice for Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey

He has also hosted television coaches shows for 30 years with all sports on campus, including Notre Dame Spring Football, and was the emcee for Notre Dame football luncheons from 1992 to 2011. He has also covered High School football and basketball for the IHSAA Network, as well as for LeSea Broadcasting. Bob has several awards to his name: Honorary Notre Dame Monogram, Lindsay Nelson Broadcaster of the Year from the All-America Football Foundation, and Broadcaster of the Year from the Indiana Athletic Directors Association. Bob was inducted into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame in 2010.

Currently, Bob is the radio voice for the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Team.

Bbb Nagle Updates us on Notre Dame Unviersity School startup 2014
Aug 27, 2014

Bob Nagle fills us in on the excitement going on around campus. They held their annual staff picnic.
Among the freshman coning in this year Chris Christie's daughter is coming to Notre Dame this year.
The women's soccer team is off to a good start, the classes are beginning as you can tell by the traffic!
The entire neighborhood is pumped up. Hear all about it and a special award that was given out by staying In-Tune with Bob Nagle!

Bob Nagle Update on Notre Dame Football 2014 Start and More
Aug 27, 2014

Bob fills us in on Notre Dame Football's start of the 2014 season, the violation allegations, new walk-ons that received scholarships and more football info!

The campus is coming to life and tailgaters are getting setup. Tim Brown, our last Heisman trophy winner was in town for a golf fundraiser.

Hear about all of this an more by staying In-Tune with Bob Nagle!



Bob Nagle on the Big Bombshell that hit last week with an Investigation into Violations
Aug 20, 2014

Bob Nagle on the Big Bombshell that hit last week with an Investigation into Violations. The university on Friday barred KeiVarae Russell, the team's best cornerback, leading returning receiver DaVaris Daniels, defensive end Ishaq Williams, and backup linebacker Kendall Moore from practice and games while it investigates "suspected academic dishonesty."

The Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame's president, said the school is looking into allegations the players had course work done for them.

Get the details on this, the uniform and helmet updates and more!

Bob Nagle On Notre Dame University Move ,Campus Construction, Band and More
Aug 20, 2014

Bob updates us on the 2014 Notre Dame University Freshman move in, construction updates.

Also talks about Notre Dame basketball with some news updates.

Nathan Gunn, from South Bend, is coming back to Notre Dame to do a 4 year residency.

The band does the march out this Thursday too but there is a little controversy regarding it.

Hear about all of this and more on this weeks Nagle update.

Bob Nagle Update on whats happening in the days leading up to the 2014 School Year
Aug 14, 2014

Bob Fills us n on Bobby Clark and the Notre Dame Soccer team. Lot's of good people coming back!

He also talks about the Women's soccer team in the tough ACC conference this year.

Volley ball is also getting going with some great players!

Also you can come out and watch the Notre Dame Football team this Saturday's practice!

Bob talks about Digger Phelps and more!

Bob Nagle Update on Notre Dame Football Preseaon 2014
Aug 14, 2014

Bob Nagle fills us in on Notre Dame Football, the Basketball team in Italy, Women's basketball and Brianna Turner.

He also talks about Katie Schwab and her Diabetes. fundraiser. The students are coming back in 10 days and the place will be hopping!

Bob Nagle Update on Notre Dame Football August 2014
Aug 06, 2014

Bob Fills us in on the upcoming football season. Who is coming back, who is in shape, the offense and the changes to the defense.
The team boarded the buses on Sunday and headed off to Culver stadium. Hear about how it's going so far.
Irish Football looks great - one of the fittest teams ever!
Track and Field got a nice award too. Get Bob's take on the team and what makes them so great.



Bob Nagle Update on Notre Dame University August 2014
Aug 06, 2014

Bob fills us in about Mike Brey and the annual coaches verses cancer weekend.
Also talks about the trip to Italy and some exhibition games. The baseball team had an unofficial reunion at Tavern at the Park. Hear all about it!
He also fill us in on the upcoming baseball team.
Another fun charity event happened on campus this week. Find out about Logan's run!